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Now available in Mount Brydges!

100% Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil




Cold Extracted


Early Harvest

Pick up at the warehouse : 577 Juliana Drive, Mount Brydges

750 ML bottles

500 ML bottles

18.6 L tins

Telephone number 519 264 1811

E-mail us at

Endorsements / Comments

Thanks for your partnership with Elea and allowing those of us in the States to have access to honest to goodness quality olive oil.

Dina,  Rhode Island    Aug 2016

I tried the ELEA olive oil on a salad like you recommended and it tasted really, really good. Thanks for the suggestion.

Jennifer, Ontario   Jul 2016


I received the shipment this afternoon and am thrilled with the quality of the product and very grateful that you helped me through the buying process. Many thanks!

Sarah, Rhode Island  Jul 2016

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