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A family is looking for a house or apartment to rent close to Campbellville.
They would like to have:
2 bedrooms
1 bathroom
They have one senior dog and a bird as pets.
The price should be around $500/month, not including utilities.
A house or apartment with utilities included in the rent would also be ok.
If you have a place that you are looking to rent or sell, please contact me.

Posted: November 13, 2004
Updated: November 15, 2004



As I visited your web site I was given the opportunity to send you a message. I am looking for information relative to my uncle, Herbert John Robinson, born December 18, 1887 at "Mount Bridges", Canada. I can only assume that to be Mount Brydges and that the author of the obituary used the phonetic spelling. Herbert passed away at Sutherland, Iowa in 1961 preceded
by his wife Alice, also in 1961, leaving no other family.
I would hope to be able to identify his parents and the area from which they came.

Thank you in advance,

John B. Borwey Click on John's name to respond to this request.

I have had a report of Herbert's father, one George Robinson is son of one John Robinson, from somewhere in Lincolnshire, UK. I haven't been able to make the connection, but if true, there is a whole family of Robinson's that I was not aware of.



Hello, my name is Craig Smith
My father George Smith, was born and raised in Mt. Brydges and I loved reading the history you have provided us.. My father was the youngest of five kids. My grandparents were Wallice and Martha Smith. They had a small farm on one of the concessions not far from the church. Over the course of the summer my familly and My Aunt Jean, my father's older sister visited Mt. Brydges. It was very special to me as I saw the house my dad left to go oversees during World War II. I hope I'm not bothering you with this but I was just wandering if you might have some memories with the Smiths. If you care to reply I would be very interested hearing from you. Thank-you very much and I think your site is fantastic... Bye for now.
Craig Smith

Craig Smith Click on Craig's name to respond to this request.

Posted: December 3, 2005



My ancestors were early pioneers of Mount Brydges, coming in 1847; Nathaniel Clark b.1817/Ireland and his wife Sarah Huston b.1825/Ireland. There was another family by the name of John Nathaniel Clark, who married his first cousin in the early 1860's in Ireland, and came to Mount Brydges in 1866/67, his cousin was Elizabeth Clark. I believe Nathaniel Clark and this John Nathaniel Clark were father and son, from Nat's possible first marriage to a Jane Kennedy.Might anyone have additional information on this family and per chance know where in Ireland they came from?

Michelle A. Burke

Michelle Burke Click on Michelle's name to respond to this request.

Posted: June 30, 2006



I am researching a member of my family named Henry Richard Cooper “Harry”. He was a British Home Child and was placed with Henry Hawes in July 1909. He stayed in the service of the Hawes and attended the local school.

In January 1915 he was employed by Blacksmith William Hyatt. In September of the same year he joined the Canadian Mounted Rifles. He was killed in action in August 1916 in Flanders Fields and is commemorated on the Mount Brydges war memorial.

I have a photograph of him aged 9. He travelled to Canada aged 12. I was wondering if you could advise me of any school photographs/event photographs that he could be in or any information that may mention him so I can get a better picture of his short life. I know that he was attending the local school in 1910.

Thank you
Lesley Folgate

Lesley Folgate Click on Lesley's name to respond to this request.

Posted: June 3, 2013



I am doing a project for Museum Strathroy Caradoc and would like to contact anyone from the Mt Brydges area (and others) who has a picture or any life details of any of the men on the cenotaph. They can contact me at If you could kindly post this on your website, I would be most grateful.

John Sargeant
519 473 0475

Posted: July 31, 2013




My name is Grant. I live in Brisbane Australia, and I have a 1919 Morriss London unrestored but in fair condition, also a rolling chassis for parts.
Do you have any information on these cars, I have been told they are related to the crow.

Regards Grant

Click on Grant's name to respond to this request which we will forward to Grant,
Brisbane, Australia.

Posted: December 26, 2004




I was looking around for where to complete my community service hours. I am a student at SDCI and I am in need of the 40 hours of community involvement. I was wondering where I could do my community hours in Mount Brydges.

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Dear sir,
We have recently found a Spinning Wheel Accelerating Head for a walking wheel (Spinning Wheel).
On the head is the inscription:
Wheel Heads
Cast Steel Spindle
Manufactured By
A. Graves
Mount Brydges Ont

Accelerated Heads were used to increase the speed of the Spinning Wheel so the spinner could be more productive.
Apparently Mr. Graves made these heads in Mount Brydges Ontario. According to the Wellington Street Cemetery records posted on this web site Albert Graves is recorded living from l825 - l893 which would fit the time period for this invention.
Do you have any way ie checking census etc. which might reveal if Albert Graves had a wheel head manufacturing business in Mount Brydges?
We have a collection of Spinning Wheels and related equipment and are seeking to preserve the history of these items.
As far as we know, most of these wheel heads were manufactured in the US , so it is particularly gratifying to find one made in Ontario.
Any information you can provide would be most appreciated.


Alvin and Barbara-Anne Click on their name to respond to this request.
Colborne, Ontario



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