Kellestine Cemetery

This is an abandoned cemetery on Lot 10, Con. 2, Caradoc Township about 1/2 mile southwest of the Cook's Cemetery on Lot 11.

There is nothing here in this small plot but one stone which reads:

KELLESTINE (gray granite-size of a military slab)

Sidney Kellestine
born July 12, 1886
died Mar. 31, 1933

In conversation with Mrs. Helen Thompson, of R.R.#4, Mt. Brydges, and a longtime resident of the community, she said there were several more stones there many years ago but she hasn't seen them for years. The grass becomes very high and it was burnt off in 1982. The writer walked and prodded all through the long grass in 1983, but could not see even any pieces.

On a visit, Oct. 3, 1985, there is still only one tombstone, that of Sidney Kellestine. The grass is neatly cut and there is a new sign that says "KELLESTINE CEMETERY".

By 1997, there is a brown-painted sign with yellow lettering which says:
"Kellestine Cemetery was first established in March, 1861 by John & Hannah Kellestine. First settlers of Lot 10, Con. 2, Caradoc Twp."

On my visit there Aug 15, 2021 I found a list attached to the brown sign listing the individuals buried in this cemetery. Diana van Gaalen webmaster of website.

M. Aitken, Cem. Co-ordinator
London-Middlesex Branch

The original text of the article found in the Mount Brydges library.